1. Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Department of Ecology and Environmental Studies

Preparation of didactic  materials to ensure modern and effective implementation of climate change topics into the curriculum of environmental education and science subjects; prepared didactic material will be based on principles of Project-based learning, Inquiry-based learning, Outdoor education, Interdisciplinary learning, mobile learning, Interactive learning etc.; co-organising environmental and information events. Outputs: open access publications on the climate change mitigation and adaptation – valuable and useful example of best practice.

2. Råholt ungdomsskole 

Comparison of curriculum, testing of new didactic material, testing the condition of natural elements in Norway, co-organising environmental events and presenting information and outputs of the project implementation on environmental conference.

3. Gymnasium, Mládežnícka 22, Šahy 

Our cooperation is aimed at preparation of new curriculum within environmental education, professional consultations and preparation of environmental events.

4. OZ VAU – Civic Association More than Learning 

 Its role in the project will be professional consultancy of empirical methods of cognition – experiments, observations, measuring etc.